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Welcome to Linzer Ranch, where we raise premium American Wagyu & Angus beef to provide you with a true Ranch to Table experience. As a small family-run operation, we take immense pride in raising these exceptional cattle and sharing the finest beef cuts with you, our valued customers. It's a family affair here at Linzer Ranch, with myself, my wife, and our son working tirelessly to ensure that the beef we produce exceeds your expectations and makes its way from our family to yours.

Our dedication to producing the best beef is deeply rooted in our family's love for agriculture and livestock. We have a rich history of raising and showing various livestock, ranging from pigs to broilers and horses. After years of showing livestock with our son, we decided to turn it into a business. We saw a need for a reliable source of beef and a lack of transparency in the beef industry.

Our journey into cattle ranching is a natural progression of our passion for agriculture. As active participants in 4-H and FFA programs for years, we've had the privilege of experiencing the profound impact these youth initiatives have on promoting agriculture. Our involvement in these programs, alongside our son, has given us firsthand insight into how these programs nurture the leaders of tomorrow and foster a deep appreciation for agriculture. We remain strong supporters of these essential programs.

Our commitment to sustainable and ethical farming and ranching practices extends to the heart of Linzer Ranch. Our cattle thrive in a stress-free environment, free from antibiotics and hormones, allowing them to develop into the highest quality beef possible. We believe in providing our cattle with the best care possible, ensuring their health and well-being from birth to butcher.

At the heart of our quest for producing the best beef possible is the careful selection of the best bulls in the industry to breed our cattle. We carefully choose bulls known for their superior marbling, tenderness, soundness, structural qualities, temperament, we want to pass on these traits on to their offspring. This meticulous breeding process ensures that we consistently produce top-quality beef and maintain a healthy herd of cattle.

Linzer Ranch stands out through our method of selling beef, which begins with cattle that are both grass-fed and grain finished. This process not only enhances the flavor of our beef but also underscores our commitment to sustainability. We use regenerative grazing practices with our cattle. This helps us make the most out of our pastures while ensuring that we give the land the necessary rest between seasons, promoting soil health and sustainability. We provide you with the choice to select your preferred cuts, ensuring flexibility and customization to align with your unique needs and preferences. Whether you're in search of succulent steaks for a special celebration or ground beef for your everyday meals, our extensive selection ensures that we can meet your requests while upholding our dedication to responsible and ethical practices.

Our goal is clear and unwavering: to provide you with the absolute best beef, raised with love and dedication by our family for yours. We invite you to experience the exceptional quality and flavor of Linzer Ranch beef and become a part of our extended family. Thank you for supporting our family-run ranch and our commitment to delivering excellence in every cut. We look forward to sharing our passion for beef with you and your family for generations to come.

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